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1 540092 $171,600.00 COND RX-10415322 BOYNTON BEACH/BANK OWNED Direct Water Views-Intracoastal 4 Colonial Club Drive,Boynton Beach Gina Mattila
2 541936 $228,800.00 SFH RX-10415423 PEMBROKE PINES BOULEVARD HEIGHTS 8201 NW 10th Street,PEMBROKE PINES Gina Mattila
3 543112 $0.00 COND COMING SOON-BANK OWNED Century Village Boca 476 Fanshaw Lane Boca Rat,Boca Raton Gina Mattila
4 550561 $0.00 COND BOCA RATON-BANK OWNED-COMIN MISSION BAY AREA 20970 VIA AZALEA No.2,Boca Raton Gina Mattila
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